Farmers are thankful

This article ends the weekly series on farming and produce from around the county. Farmers are grateful for all the love and support shown to them this season and look forward to continuing to serve their customers through the fall and beyond. Please continue to support local farmers. They are truly a blessing to our community.

Baswell Farms will end their year in a couple of weeks. They offer squash, cucumbers, and okra at the present time. Baswell Farms’ roadside stand is located at 2174 County Highway 12 on Straight Mountain. For those needing to call ahead, the number is 205-274-8671. Although they will not have a fall crop, Jason and the crew said, “Thanks to all of our customers for making this a great year.”

Copeland Farms, located at 205 Cliff Springs Road, Oneonta, will end their 2020 season when the tomato crop plays out. Stop by or call Darryl at 205-274-7296 for information.

McCray’s Old Field Farm has already begun harvesting turnip greens and kale, as well as other greens. Mac and Suzy are hopeful they will be able to expand their greenhouse crops in the spring. They have also ramped up production of jellies. They have large brown eggs for sale, too. Be sure to visit their general store at 3142 State Highway 132, Oneonta. To check availability of any products, call 205-353-5506. Suzy is thankful for all of the customers who stood by them during this year when nothing seemed normal. She has especially enjoyed answering questions about canning, freezing, and drying, and watching children learn how their food is grown.

Located at 6866 County Highway 29, Allman Farm and Orchard will have round and grape tomatoes until the end of October. Sweet tart apples and bell peppers are still available for a few more weeks. Daniel, Amy, Destiny, and Chance would like to thank their wonderful customers this year and remind everyone to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with the latest farm news. You can also contact them at 205-274-8448.

Whited Farms continues to have a variety of summer produce available. Rattlesnake green beans have been selling just as soon as they pick them. Blue Lake green beans will be ready soon. Call 205-353-1199 or stop by their location at 323 First Ave East in Oneonta to see what is available or to get on the call list. Fall crops will be ready for harvesting in October. They will have cabbage, collards, broccoli, and cauliflower. Starting next week, they will have mums, pumpkins, boiled peanuts, shirts, and fried pies.

Staying open until Thanksgiving, Hazelrig Orchard will have different types of winter squash for sale as the year continues. They will have mums, cooking and decorative pumpkins, and gourds very soon. They are currently picking Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala, and Fuji apples. At their roadside stand located at 64235 U.S. 231 in Cleveland, you will also find plenty of sweet potatoes, red potatoes, yellow squash, local honey, Mennonite sorghum, elderberry syrup, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Drop by or give them a call at 205- 274-8936. Speaking for everyone at Hazelrig Orchard, Marva Hazelrig McRae said, “We would like to thank all of our customers for their business and friendship during this unusual time. We look forward to serving you as always.”

With greens still a few weeks out, Snead Produce continues to offer a variety of fresh produce ranging from watermelons, squash, and cucumbers to muscadines, apples, and sweet potatoes. When ready, their fall crops will include collard and turnip greens. They have begun picking a few gourds and pumpkins, but the majority will be ready in about a week. You can also look for hay bales becoming available later this week. Serving you from two locations, Tonya and her family appreciate everyone’s patronage. Their Oneonta location is at 801 Second Ave. East and their pop-up location in Snead is at the U.S. Hwy 278 and Ala 75 crossroads. Their phone number is 205-359-2137.

Tonya and the gang thank everyone for their support. She said, “My family and I thank all of our customers for their business. They are the reason we can support our families and pay our bills. We could not do it without them. It has been a very difficult year so far, but we are hanging in there because of our customer’s support. May God bless each of them.”

And last, but certainly not least, the Blount County Farmer’s Market still has a few vendors setting up each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning. In addition to fresh crops, you can still get plenty of canned goods. As crop production reduces or ends, the market will close for the year.

It’s been a great season so far. Let’s keep supporting those who keep Blount County’s supply of fresh produce available to enjoy.