Evans family places flags in cemetery



Saturday morning, more than two dozen people gathered around the recently raised American and Air Force flags at Oak Hill Cemetery in Oneonta.

“I have wanted to do this for more than 25 years,” said Harold Evans, an Air Force veteran and Oneonta resident.

Evans was the powerhouse behind having the flags placed in Oak Hill Cemetery, and under the flag pole a marker says, “This flag dedicated by The Evans Family – Harold, Margaret & Hal – June 2013.”

The Evans family was well represented at the flag dedication ceremony, and Johnny Evans spoke on behalf of them.

“It’s not just for the Evans family,” he said. “This is put up for our country.”

Clyde Woods, chairperson of the Oak Hill Beautification Board, also spoke at the ceremony along with Donny Ray, Oak Hill board member and executive director of the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce, who stated the flag poles are a fine addition to already sacred ground.

“As we worked up here people would stop by and say, ‘Hey, that looks good!’” Harold said. “A fellow, I believe he was from Montgomery, stopped by and said that Oak Hill is most beautiful cemetery in Alabama, and I must say I agree with him.”