End of an era



Feb. 28 ended an era for the city of Oneonta and began a new one for retiring city clerk Tammie Noland, a 25-year city veteran who spent the last 10-plus years as city clerk.

Helping celebrate the retirement occasion are, front row from the left: Joan Epps, Stephanie Preston, Tanya Alexander, the honoree, Glenda Reed, and Megan Kelly. Short back row, from left: Tracie Roybal and Amanda Stanfield.

‘She is such a super person and a joy to work with on a daily basis,’ said assistant city clerk Tanya Alexander. ‘There are not many people like her. She’s as good as gold.’ Noted and confirmed.

Two questions: One, what will Tammie do now? Spend time with her grandbabies and hang out at the beach every chance she gets. Two, where are all the men? Pigging out on refreshments behind the camera, according to sources.