Employees get raise

Town of Snead

On a motion by Mayor Tim Kent, the Snead Town Council approved a $2-per-hour raise for town employees. Kent said, “Employees have had no raise in four years. They have been patient and to keep employees we are going to have to pay them. It is no fault of the employees and we need to rectify this.” The raise for full- and part-time employees will become effective in the next pay period.

The council is expected to review pay of senior citizens center employees at its next meeting. Kent also said he would like for the council to look at hazardous duty pay for police officers as well as shift differential pay.

In another matter, council member Greg Ogles brought up ongoing discussions about town park improvements. “We need a decision on the park. We’ve got old equipment out there…. It needs repairs or we need to close down the park. The city can finance improvements and we need to make it nice for the people who come here,” he said.

Council member Teresa Lindsay suggested and received approval to set up a work session at the park. Council member Phillip McHan said he is “Ready to do something.”

Council member Ray Thomas said he has been in contact with Alabama Power regarding installation of an LED light outside the community center. The council approved the action. Additionally, new lights were approved for installation around the walking trail at the park.

Thomas also showed the council several proposals for town “welcome signs” and asked that they give them consideration.

In other matters the council:

• set July 17 as the date for the annual town picnic.

• set the second Saturday in September as the date for a community yard sale.

• approved the resignation of Sgt. Deric Raney with the Snead Police Department and voted to begin advertising for his position.

• gave approval to utility operator Jeff Whited to proceed in seeking a water line improvement grant.

The Snead Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the community center at 6 p.m.