Employee arrested for stealing county money

JoAnn Green of Blountsville, a county employee who worked in the revenue office at the Hayden satellite courthouse, was arrested March 22 for the theft of $2,798.30 in tax proceeds there in November of last year. She bonded out of the Blount County Correctional Facility on March 23. The bond amount was $5,000.

The incident had been the subject of an investigation by the Sheriff’s Department leading to Green’s indictment and arrest. Green, no relation to Probate Judge Chris Green, had transferred to the Hayden courthouse as a full-time employee in October when it converted to five-days-aweek operation. She had worked previously as a part-time employee in the county commission office.

According to Revenue Commission Gregg Armstrong, Green has made restitution of $1,400.30 of the stolen money, leaving a balance of $1,398 unpaid.

“Due to procedures we have in place, that money will not be lost to taxpayers,” Armstrong said. “We’ll either get the full amount back in the form of restitution, or our bonding company will reimburse the balance to the county,” he said.

“Once we had evidence of a crime and knew it wasn’t just an error or mistake of some kind, we contacted the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney to turn it over for investigation,” Armstrong said. “I appreciate the part they played in handling this process. It has been managed properly by all involved.” He said the Department of Public Examiners was also notified.

“We aren’t ever going to tolerate activity of this nature,” Armstrong said. “With all the procedures and checks and balances we have in place in the revenue office, I can’t imagine how anyone could believe they could get away with taking county money. It’s going to come to light and they’re going to get caught.”