El Dia Antes de Navidad

It was el dia (the day) before Christmas
and all through the casa (house),
telenovelas (soap operas) were playing,
and we were making masa (dough).
Los ninos (The kids) in their camas (beds),
waiting for Santa in their red pyjamas
While hanging las calcetas (the stockings)
and decorating el arbol (the tree),
my abuela (grandma) saw us and said, “ten
cuidado” (be careful)!
We sat and esperamos (waited) for Saint
as el tiempo (the time) ticked… ticked,
but we still hoped los dulces y regalos (the
candy and gifts)
would be quick for los niños, buenos y
malos (the kids, good and bad).
As we all sat we heard a huge grita

all of us perked up even los chicos (the
little ones).
Corri (I ran) to the window and looked
afuera (outside),
Mira! Mira quen era! (Look! Look who it is!)
Aljuien gordo (Someone big) in a sleigh,
and a red sombrero,
Came dashing towards our casa (house)
like a bombero (firefighter)!
And instead of eight beautiful venados
there, un pequeño burro (a little donkey)
approaching volados (flown).
Before I knew it he was in the sala (kitchen), where the tamales were cooking, no olia
mala (they didn’t smell bad).
He filled the stockings with dulces y regalos (candies and gifts),
as none of the niños (kids) were not really
malos (bad).
He left in a flash, seeming contento (content), he left with el burro (the burro), gone like
the vento (wind)!
And lo escuché (I heard him), and this is
verdad (the truth),
Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!