Efforts continue to enhance Polk Park



Interested parties met on the resurfaced basketball court last week to explore ways to continue restoring and enhancing Polk Park in the Sand Valley community of Oneonta. From the left, District 34 Rep. David Standridge, park proponent Mitchell Hill, and Oneonta city councilman Tim McNair. Hill and his associates want to restore the park and make it into ‘a fully modern facility,’ complete with regulation outdoor basketball courts, an updated and repaired ball field with upgraded playing surface, bleachers, backstop, and concesssion area, as well as restoring and perhaps expanding the former children’s playground. The first project, resurfacing the existing basketball court, was completed last week. On the agenda next is determining how to maintain momentum, and more importantly, decide how to generate the money that will be required to continue improvements. ‘If we can just keep talking this up until enough people know about it, I believe people will join in and donate the money it’s going to take to make this a showplace for Oneonta and a healthy place for our children,’ Hill said. Hill said he appreciated the interest and ideas Standridge and McNair expressed and is considering them carefully. Not shown in the photo were Danna Standridge, wife of David, and Tracy Martin, who has long supported the community, Hill said.

-Ron Gholson