A newspaper with a passion for our people

We all have a story and those stories build connections that bring people and communities together. Our story starts Oct. 18, 1894. The South Democrat made its debut and for more than 125 years, we’ve been Blount County’s hometown newspaper. Through the pages of each edition, we record our story, documenting the history of our community and the lives of the people who have called Blount County home. With us, it’s personal.

Producing original, quality news based on the issues and needs specific to Blount County is our commitment to you. We are committed to accuracy as we strive to foster a sense of community. We understand what is important to you. We reflect the voices and concerns of our local people through their stories… stories that connect our past to our present as we plan for the future. In 1989, when Molly Howard made the decision to change our name to The Blount Countian, she said she wanted to “make a statement that it belongs to the entire county.” This is your newspaper. We’re here for you.

Southern Democrat Inc. is thought to be the oldest continuously operated business in the county, and has been the newspaper of record for Blount County since that first issue was published. It’s one of the oldest weekly newspapers in the state, certainly one of the oldest remaining family-owned papers. While the cast of characters has changed through the years, we are a reflection of the community in which we all live, work, and play. Our priority is our community and we are committed to its people who are our friends, neighbors, and family.

Your community. Your newspaper. The Blount Countian.

Ed. note: National Newspaper Week is Oct. 3-9. Thank you, loyal readers, for being a part of our story.