The obituary of Compassion

Compassion passed away after a long battle with feelings of entitlement and selfishness. Compassion was the beloved sister to Empathy and Care. Compassion graced humankind with her presence thousands of years ago. She was evident in stories and fables told, in good deeds, and the Word of God. We met Compassion through acts of kindness exhibited by ourselves and by others. Compassion asked nothing of anyone; she had no expectations.

We grieve the unfortunate passing of Compassion, and we hold her memory in quiet reverence within our hearts. We remember her for her beauty and grace during times of suffering and misfortune, the sweet gestures of a smile, a hug when in mourning, a gift of food when hungry, a tender touch when ill. The death of Compassion has left a void in humankind that is visible in the wake of a global crisis that surrounds us causing thousands of deaths.

We hold tightly onto the last of her survivors, a sliver of Empathy and a tiny bit of Care. We see evidence of them in healthcare workers and first responders who assist us in our time of need as well as in our community members who are abiding by safety guidelines and slowing the spread of the virus.

Our hope is that through the untimely passing of Compassion, others will draw nearer to Empathy and Care for themselves and for others.