Driver’s licenses can now be renewed online

Regular driver’s licenses, commercial driver’s licenses, and state non-driver’s license ID cards can now be renewed online in alternate renewal years, without the necessity to make a trip to the courthouse. The online renewal system is now in effect. You can renew your license beginning 60 days before the expiration date.

That means that on alternate four-year expiration dates, you can renew online. On intervening four-year expiration dates, however, an updated photo will be required, so you will have to go to the courthouse for a new photo once every eight years. The online system may be used to request a duplicate in case of lost licenses, as well.

The online system also accommodates issuance of fishing/hunting licenses and boat registration renewal.

To access the renewal system, go to to the commission website. Scroll down just below the photo of the courthouse to the highlighted red headline beginning “Renew/Duplicate Driver License.” Click on the highlighted area and follow the prompts on subsequent screens to provide required information.

You will need a credit card to pay the renewal charge, and you will need a printer to print out your temporary license to cover the 30-day period until your permanent license arrives in the mail. You can also print out a receipt for the transaction. Renewal charges are $36.25 for regular driver’s licenses, $66.25 for class A commercial licenses, and $56.25 for class B commercial licenses.

The online system applies only to renewals. First-time license issuance will still be done in the current manner: by the state Driver’s License Examining Office in the basement of the courthouse for regular and commercial driver’s licenses and state ID cards; and by the probate office on the first floor of the courthouse (or at the satellite office in Hayden) in the case of boat registrations.

“Issuing licenses is a state function,” said Probate Judge Chris Green.“We just issue them on behalf of the state. But we’ve been pushing for this online renewal system for some time in meetings with state officials. So, we’re delighted to make this service available to the public to make it as convenient as possible. We can’t take the need for a trip to the courthouse out of everything, but we’re trying to limit it all we can,” he said.