Don’t dump on Blount

I just heard the other day that a new landfill for household and medical waste is proposed for Blount County. Have you heard about it? The small town of County Line is proposing a 2000-ton-per-day landfill on 219 acres of privately owned land that was recently annexed into Blount County. Obviously more landfill than is needed by this small town of 270 people. Is there a need for this?

The Regional Planning Commission says not needed in their regional plan, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to ADEM, who tends to rubber stamp many projects through.

But why should you care? At 2000 tons per day, that could be up to 100 more garbage trucks per day on Hwy 79. Are our roads up to that? Do you want that traffic? Because these trucks could be hauling medical waste; any accident involving garbage trucks would require calling out our volunteer HazMat team and trucks. Now who pays for that?

And then there are the basic problems with landfills, possible leakage, and the fact that they NEVER go away. Do we want another disaster like the coal ash delivered to Perry County landfill that initially started as a local household-waste landfill?

So who benefits and why would we want it? To me it looks like the private land owner and the Town of County Line. This small town provides little services to its citizens. No fire or police department. So is it right for a few to benefit at the expense of the county, our roads and services, and our environment?

Public hearing is Thursday, March 10, at 6 p.m. at the County Line Town Hall.

Martha Hunter