Does anyone really care?

The place was packed at the last Locust Fork town hall meeting Aug. 24. Many living on Payton Lane complained about their road, wanting it completely resurfaced and paved right instead of the tar and gravel they have.

I wondered how many of those elderly people will be touched by the tax the town council has imposed. If you live on Payton Lane and don’t pay land taxes because of your age, then I feel you don’t have the right to spend the money I have worked so hard for.

They will be hit by the 3 percent added to the water bill, so that pays for the right to fire department services if they have Pine Bluff water.

They knew when they moved into that subdivision that it was tar and gravel. You live in the country, not a private community so get used to it.

At the town meeting, a council member told me I needed just to drop my quest, that no one in Locust Fork cared how high they raised the taxes or how high the water department had to raise their rates; it was just part of life and most just paid it and went on. So in my eyes this is what I see.

People of the Town of Locust Fork and those within 1.5 miles of the town limits: You better step up now; don’t wait. Where is your backbone? Stand up for your family or you will be sleeping in a cardboard box. And the council will be laughing all the way to the courthouse to pay just the taxes on your property and then renting it out to someone else.

We don’t have to let them do this, but you have to be willing to stand up for your family now; don’t wait, or it will be too late. They can already tell you what you can live in on your property. If you want to live in a mobile home, you have to ask their permission and they can turn you down. And if you already have a mobile home and it’s falling in, you still have to get permission to replace it with something newer or better than what you have. They can even tell you if you live within the police limits of 1.5 miles. And those of you who are not in the town limits, you don’t get to vote; you just have to do as they say.

Take the time to come to the next town meeting; voice your opinions. Of course, the older people who don’t pay land taxes don’t care if they raise them; they don’t pay them anyway. So ask yourself this: What happens when the town reverts all those taxes to the utilities you pay instead of just doing land taxes? You have to pay it, too. Something to think about. It’s not fair to tax only a few and make them pay while others are spending the money, or shall I say, reaping the rewards that taxpayers have to pay without choice.

Right now it’s in the talking stage and then let’s see what we can do: If you drive an 18-wheeler to support your family, look out; you’re in for a ride. The town council is looking at putting weight limits on some of the roads. Right now it’s just Payton Lane, but what roads are next? They don’t care that you pay more taxes than anyone else just to keep your truck on the road.

The Locust Fork Town Council meetings are Sept. 14 and 28 at 6 p.m., and the Pine Bluff Water Board meets the 21st at 5 p.m. Plan to be at all three meetings; your pocketbook and family depend on it if you are a taxpayer.

Call me for more information on anything. Just reading this and talking about it is not enough. You need to show up and either voice your opinion against the new tax. It’s not too late. It’s your dollars you have worked hard for. Now is the time; don’t wait. Speak out now. Show the council you do care.

Also if you would like to see if you will be in the 1.5 mile of the line, come see me. I have a map. Together we can show them we do care and we can make noise.

Robin Quinn

Locust Fork