‘Do you not see the anguish?’

On Mr. Greg Cornelius’s comments in the last few issues of The Blount Countian on his wet referendum – Why is he using our children to get his message across? These are our dearest possessions and should not have any place in an alcohol issue.

Alcohol and drugs are devastating our society.

Stopping by after work for a few drinks, then driving home or to some other destination is an encouragement to increase drunk driving, already a problem in our county.

How quickly we forget. Back in 1984, five Blount County children were killed by “drunk drivers.” My son Steve and his friend Angela were two of the victims. Steve was taking Angela home from a Cleveland football game when a drunk driver swerved over onto their lane of traffic, killing them both.

Do you not see the anguish here? Not for just the parents of drunk-driving victims, but also to the drunken men and women who can’t keep a job because they are alcoholics and to the children of alcoholics who themselves turn to alcoholism, because this is a way of life for them.

Don’t let any person who owns a business that wants to be able to sell alcohol try to tell you that our community needs the tax money for our children. There are other options.
Larry Schaffner