‘Do we want our county wet or dry?’

Afer seeing how the wet/dry referendum is being pushed for the sales of alcohol in our fine county, we have become concerned whether the people really know what they would be getting themselves into if we allow the sale of alcohol in our back door.

First off, those pushing for the wet votes are promising that the money will go partly to schools, law enforcement, roadwork, and so on.

Let us take a moment to look at it from a different direction. What if we do become a wet county? The money that should go for school programs already in place will get the money but then the schools will need more money to fight underage drinking on top of the problem they already have with drug abuse.

Our law enforcement might get the money, but they will need more money and manpower to work accidents caused by drunk drivers, not to mention the lives lost by innocent people in those accidents. They will also have more disturbances than normal so with all this it will pull them away from the problem they already have fighting drugs in our county.

Then there is the money for road work. How many bridges, guards, and signs are gonna have to be replaced because a drunk driver hit one? Then you even have our fire and rescue volunteers. How many more calls are they gonna get in a day to wrecks or even injuries from a drunk person who didn’t know what they were doing at the time.

If you stop and look at the big picture it’s really not worth it. We have seen what the effects of alcohol can do to a person. A young man we knew could be nice and fun to be around, until he had just a little alcohol; then he was a totally different person. He was mean and just didn’t care what he said or did and none of his friends wanted to be around him and he was only 18 living in a wet county. We also had an innocent cousin who was killed in an accident by a drunk driver leaving behind a husband and very small son; she also lived in a wet county.

We are both of legal drinking age at 25 and 21, but we are strongly against it and we would love to see our county stay dry. We both love Blount County very much and would hate to see it end up this way. If this makes it to the ballot we will both be voting “NO” and praying that it does not pass.

Randy and Misty Quinn

Locust Fork