Divided county

As we all know, the upcoming wet/dry referendum has been captivating the attention of not only the municipalities, but the whole county, and not without cause. If passed, this would change the face of our county. Proponents for the bill say that the sale of alcohol will bring major economic boosts to our community, while opponents argue that it will have deadly consequences. However, both sides of the debate seem to have forgotten to mention arguably the greatest effect that this vote has already had on our community. It is ripping us in two.

Many once-friends are filled with resentment for each other because they don’t see eye to eye on this issue. Pastors are accusing honest people of being ungodly solely because they advocate the sale of alcohol, while others accuse honest pastors of being bigots. The amount of slander on social media is sickening. Is the sale of alcohol or the preventing of it so important that our community should be in ruins when this vote is over? People, if we let this vote continue to create such animosity between us, who is it that wins? We must destroy this barrier, this dividing wall of hostility before it destroys us. Let us hold onto whatever bit of love that we have left and pursue that. We must truly “love thy neighbor as thyself.” After all, isn’t that what community is built upon? So, whatever your stance on alcohol is, don’t let it come between you and anyone else. Partake in a loving community with one another, and we will truly see a “Better Oneonta.”

Caleb Hunt


Oneonta High School