Districts report 2015 paving plans

Commissioners for three of the county’s four districts announced road paving plans for 2015 recently. District 1 Commissioner Allen Armstrong, District 3 Commissioner Dean Calvert, and District 4 Commissioner Gary Stricklin all provided specifics as to roads to be repaved or extensively patched this year.

District 1

Commissioner Allen Armstrong provided a summary of his road improvement plan for 2015 in a telephone interview with The Blount Countian. His 2015 plan includes scheduled projects on three roads: Cox Cove Road, County Road 7, and Old Hayden Road.

Cox Cove Road: The 4.5-mile-length will be repaved with tar and gravel in early summer.

County Road 7: Major repair and reconstruction of the road and road base is required on a slide area and possible sinkhole on the Blount Springs end of the road. After the repair is made, the 3.5-mile-length of the road from Blount Springs to Hayden will be repaved with tar and gravel. The road will be closed after school is out to accommodate the combination of repair and repaving. Expected time frame is early late May to early June. Length of time the road is closed will depend upon how extensive the repairs will need to be on the slide/sinkhole area, which can’t be determined until the the area is actually excavated. Hope is to close the road for one week, but it could be longer. Weather will also play a part in determining how long the road will need to be closed to allow for reconstruction and repaving. This is a heavily-travelled, relatively long stretch, and will be a major project.

Old Hayden Road: The entire 1-mile length of road will not be repaved, but several sections of the road will be dug up, rebased with stone, then repaved with tar and gravel. Expected time frame is mid-summer. Road is a relatively high-volume road used as a secondary commuting route by a number of Hayden area residents.

Other roads:

Armstrong said spot paving work on several pull-up roads will be done, depending on how much money remains in the budget after the scheduled projects are completed. The District 1 road budget for fiscal year 2015 is $978,634.

District 2

District 2 Commissioner Carthal Self told The Blount Countian he would not identify the roads he will be working on, and commented on his reasons why.

“We’ll pave as long as the money holds out this year,” he said.“I’m not going to provide a list of roads because I don’t know which ones we’ll be able to get ready for paving. For example, we have to replace drainage pipes on a number of roads before we can pave them. I can’t plan ahead and name specific roads because I can’t anticipate developments such as the weather which might keep me from being able to follow the plan. But we’ll pave roads that need it the most as long as we’ve got money to do so.”

The District 2 road budget for fiscal year 2015 was initially $978, 634. It was reduced to $928,634 to pay back an advance of $50,000 last August to complete a 2014 paving project.

District 3

District 3 Commissioner Dean Calvert divided his roads for improvement into two categories: those to be paved, and those to be spot patched.

To be paved: Miles
Cliff Springs Road 2.86
Echo Lane
Martin Drive } 1.20
Oaks Circle
To be spot-patched:
Lake Highland Road
West Lakeshore Drive } 1.50
Highland Dam Road
Other district roads: 2.20

The District 3 road budget for 2015 is $940,186.

District 4

District 4 Commissioner Gary Stricklin submitted a detailed, itemized road paving schedule with associated costs for 2015, along with a status report on other major projects in the district.

To be paved: Miles
Hickory Brook Dr. 0.263
Willowbrook Court 1.038
Cedar Brook Circle 0.475
Oak Brook Circle 0.740
Dailey Circle 1.379
Cobb Brazeel Road 0.556
Phillips Drive 0.750

Other updates:

Cooley Road: Currently under construction to straighten the curve going over the old railroad bed; due to be complete this summer.

Moss Bridge: Engineering work in progress on replacing abutments; should be complete within the month; bridge structure purchased to replace structure condemned by the state highway department; hoping for completion by this fall.

County Road 1: Right-of-way work in progress; sinkhole excavation not yet started; repaving scheduled after sinkhole repair; entire project originally estimated to be complete by mid-year.

Faulkner Bridge: A decision is pending on concrete or wood structure; if concrete, closing period will be longer and residents more inconvenienced; plan is to take a poll of residents to gauge their preference.

The District 4 road budget for 2015 is $940,186.