District 2 commissioner runoff coming up Tuesday

The runoff election between incumbent District 2 County Commissioner Carthal Self and challenger Mike Painter, who led the primary race in a field of five candidates on March 1, will be held at polling places throughout District 2 on Tuesday, April 12. Painter had 857 votes (28.3%) in the primary election while Self was second with 734 (22.2%). There were 3030 votes cast in the District 2 primary.

As in all runoff elections, the key to victory will be which candidate can muster the greatest turnout of supporters from the primary, along with as many new voters as possible.

Precincts and polling places for the runoff in District 2 are as follows: Precinct Polling place Blountsville Blountsville Town Hall Summit Summit Fire Hall/

Community Center Royal Royal Community Center Brooksville Brooksville Community

Center/Fire Hall Snead Old Senior Citizens Center Susan Moore Susan Moore Town Hall Rock Springs Rock Springs Community


Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.