Delay tactics

This is in response to the article on the appeal of the right to vote ruling by Judge King and references to scriptures concerning the use of alcohol by Rev. Gipson and Rev. Bynum. I’m no Biblical scholar, but the most prevalent references I remember refer not to drinking but drinking in excess. I also cannot find any biblical reference to support removing a person’s right to vote. If I’m wrong on this, I’d love for the Reverends to reply with the specific scripture.

I do understand that the final intent of this ruling was to allow a vote for or against legal alcohol sales in several Blount County municipalities which had been illegally removed by former Rep. Elwyn Thomas. State legislators representing Blount county failed to change this ruling. I understand that these Reverends feel it’s their right and responsibility to express their opposition to the sale of alcohol in Blount County, but I question if this is not really a tactic to delay the inevitable after the vote in the last election. The vote showed support for the legal sale of alcohol in Oneonta and other municipalities.

According to the article I read in The Blount Countian, they intend to appeal and take this to the Alabama Supreme Court. It was stated that this process could take up to 18-24 months, which I also believe is just another delaying tactic.

What might happen during this delay is there will be another county-wide referendum, and the county votes to go wet. Should this occur, the very strict restrictions included in the Oneonta ordinance would not be in place and what these Reverends are trying to stop would be more widespread and much less regulated. Then, we might very well see a beer joint in every part of the county. Gene Armstrong,

Mayor, Allgood