Dean Calvert

Dean Calvert

Dean Calvert

Age: 47

Born in/resides in: Born in Ashville; resides in eastern Blount County

Family details: Married to Sheila Calvert with three children: Chris, 23; Kourtney, 19; and Gracey, 9 Education

Graduated Appalachian High School, 1986. Attended Wallace State Community College. Graduated Alabama Local Government Training Institute (for county commissioners) at Auburn University, 2012.

Work background
•worked for Advanced Glass Co. after high school
•self-employed with Calvert’s Glass Inc.
•self-employed with Dean Calvert’s Remodeling

•Blount County Commissioner District 3, 2010-2014

Qualifications for job of county commissioner
•four years’ experience as county commissioner
•ran own glass business
•ran own construction business

Why do you want the job?

“I would like to continue with the job to see some projects through that will better Blount County. I am proud of the county I live in and would like to see it progress in the future. This is my home and where I have raised my children and I would like it to be a place where they want to stay.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“The reason I want to continue this job is because I have a desire to see this county move forward. The renovation of the covered bridges, the 13.4 miles of ATRIP road improvements, helping with the grants for Palisades Parks and county schools, the Alabama Scenic River Trails Resolution, the Disaster Relief Grant, the CDBG grant for water on Straight Mountain, and the recent formation of the Economic Development Council – I am proud of all those accomplishments and would like to continue moving Blount County forward. I am asking for your vote on June 3.”