DA’s actions questioned

Once again Pam Casey’s actions seem to ignore the reality that the political campaign is over and it is time to put some people in the pen instead of continuing to bash Tommy Rountree. As she did in the campaign, she is publishing miss truths with reckless abandon. I refer to her harangue before the County Commission questioning the propriety of Mr. Rountree providing funds to the Sheriff for law enforcement purposes. It appears that her complaint is directed at Mr. Rountree spending “her money” as she has publicly espoused previously. After absorbing this last tirade on the issue, I did a little checking of her financial condition.

What Ms. Casey fails to report to her public is that when Mr. McPherson took office several years ago he did so with a mere $36,000 in the bank on which to begin his term. Mr. Rountree came along in 2005 and inherited the outlandish sum of $63,909, which was a break even situation that existed for quite some time. Now for “the rest of the story.”

After much planning and work, Mr. Rountree revitalized the Worthless Check Unit and, more importantly created and implemented the Restitution Recover Unit to collect unpaid fines, court costs and victim’s restitution. AS A RESULT, MS. CASEY COMES INTO OFFICE WITH OVER A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS IN THE BANK. To be exact, the last available figure puts the balance on hand at $287,131.00.

Along the way, the County records will show he has in fact spent thousands more for law enforcement purposes. For example, he helped purchase a much needed truck for Animal Control, handcuffs and shackles, purchase of a drug dog, medical treatment for a drug dog, patrol car upgrades, closed circuit tv system for use in interrogations of criminals. How about $10,000.00 to the Children’s Advocacy Center to aid in the investigations of crimes against children. Everything mentioned and many more are public record and legal.

Ms. Casey, are you demanding that all these police agencies return these expenses to you or you will “investigate”? I hope not. My hope is that you will get on with what the county elected you to do in response to your campaign rhetoric, not continue to hamper law enforcement with these petty issues. Whose side are you on?

– Fred Dove