Cowards. That is all I can say. That is the nicest thing I can say. This morning I walked out of my home to take my daughter to day care and found that someone had destroyed my mail- and paper-box on Patton Rd. At first I thought that this was the work of someone playing “mailbox baseball”. However after seeing the damage up close, and the fact that my box was the only one damaged, I believe someone hit my box with their vehicle then left the scene. I believe that someone was speeding down this road – as does just about everyone who travels this road – and lost control because of the wet road, hitting my mailbox and post in the process. The impact was enough to split the pressure treated post in half, ripping the box from the mounting board and ripping the door of the box off. The posted limit for this road is twenty five miles per hour, but I can stand on my front porch and watch people treat this road as if it were an airport runway. I am afraid to let my child play outside because of the fact that people drive the way they do on this road.

I would like to take this opportunity to address these cowards, who could have simply stopped and come to my door and said I am sorry, I hit your mailbox. I am not looking for financial compensation, only for someone to man-up and take responsibility for what they have done. Because of the actions of this person or persons I now have to replace something that I really do not have the time or money to replace at this time. I would also like to simply ask my neighbors who live on this road to just slow down and pay attention to the speed you are travelling on this road. It was just a mailbox this time, but what about next time?

Christopher D. Banks Patton Road, Oneonta