Couple lodges complaint with Snead council

Chuck and Lorraine Fancher pressed their case before Snead Town Council in its latest regular session. The unhappy couple explained that their son had parked the family car outside Chuck’s sister’s house on Broom Drive. The boy left the car there unattended as he has done on various other occasions. When he returned for the car, the son found it missing and learned it had been towed.

The father complained that the town has no signs labeling non-parking on the roadside. He said that the law cited him by the city does not indicate his son had broken it. He also complained of the $144 bill he received for the towing and recovery of his vehicle. Fancher asked why he had received neither a warning nor a citation.

Police chief Phillip Weaver asserted the parked car presented a hazard. He said police have up to a year after such an incident to write a citation.

Officer A. J. Blethen, who had the vehicle towed, offered that he had attempted to have someone move the car but could not find the driver. He said he waited at the site for around 30 minutes, knocked at the house near the car, and had dispatch telephone the house to attempt to reach anyone. Failing that, he had the car removed, since Broom Drive is too narrow to permit roadside parking.

As the couple pled their case, councilman Phillip McHan opined that the matter should really be handled in municipal court. Others joined that critique.

When Weaver offered to write the Fanchers a citation, Chuck responded perplexedly, “Now you are going to write me a ticket after the fact [because I’ve brought this to the council]?”

Weaver held that the citation would provide Fancher standing to press his case before the court. Fancher appeared to find that argument weak.

Both parents questioned why the drive is not striped and why the town has a road too narrow to permit passing traffic. Town clerk Rae Ware and others replied that various town roads are too narrow and few are striped. She, utilities supervisor Jeff Whited, and others explained that some landowners refuse to provide right of way to allow widening streets.

Siding somewhat with the Fanchers, councilor Jack Freeman added, “There’s not a street in Snead that meets appropriate standards. I was the only one who made them go and do it right,… but they go and do anything they want to about it.”

The Fanchers’ presentation ended the council session. Councilors had moved for adjournment immediately before the Fanchers arrived. In the opening comments section, the couple noted they had spent 20 minutes or so at the town hall. Ware apologized for not advising them that the council meets at the community center behind the police station.

In the beginning comments portion, resident Donna Jo Kent had asked the council to consider repairing potholes on Moore Road. Ware suggested the council set a schedule for regular yearly maintenance of town roads. She told the council that sections of Moore Road lie in both the town and the county. She suggested the council coordinate with District Two Commissioner Robert Bullard for repairs there.

Regular business

Freeman’s unhappiness with his fellow councilors had appeared earlier in the meeting. He had inquired of repairs to streets in the Lee Ridge subdivision. Ware and councilors said that the town had never accepted the streets into the town. Freeman asserted that the town’s acceptance of the subdivision plat made the town responsible.

In a session weeks earlier, Ware won council permission to bid renewal of the town’s insurance coverage. At the latest meeting, she advised the council that the only other company seeking bid information wanted more information than she could provide before the present expiration date. She suggested the council go with present insurer Reedy Morris for the renewal and allow her to gather information for any future renewal considerations.

Mayor Tim Kent missed the May 24 session; councilor and mayor pro tem Charles Sanders presided. James Campbell and Curtis Painter joined Sanders, McHan, and Freeman. The council holds its regular meetings the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.