County road 1 to close Jan. 12


County road 1 connecting Allgood and Cleveland will be closed to through traffic beginning Jan. 12 for an extended period. The closure is to allow extensive repairs to be made on a section of the road situated on an unstable slope over a sinkhole near its midway point between Allgood and the county road 33 intersection. Specifically, an 1800-ft. section of the road will be blockaded just south of Tim King Road at its north end and just north of Treatment Plant Road on its south end. Local access to Limestone Springs from the Allgood side will not be affected.

A reopening date has not been set. It will be heavily dependent on weather conditions which will determine how rapidly repairs can be made. Repairs involve tearing up and rebuilding about 200 feet of roadway. The road is expected to be impassable for at least two months, perhaps longer. It will be reopened when repairs are completed, then the entire southern half of the road from county road 33 to Allgood will be asphalted. The eight miles of county road 1 is among the busiest of the 1100-odd miles of countymaintained roads.