County municipalities respond to local government salary survey

To provide citizens with information on salaries of officials and other employees of local government, The Blount Countian requested that information for mayors, council members, heads of town functions such as police and water departments, and certain other employees of the county’s 12 municipalities. The information received is shown below.

In a separate article, the newspaper will provide salary information for elected officials, department heads, and certain other salaried employees of county government and the county’s two school systems.

Mayor: $1,200/year
Council: $540/year
Town clerk: $26,208/year
Water operator: $37,659/year
Mayor: $12,000/year
Council: $2,400/year
Town clerk: $20.50/hour

Office clerk/magistrate: $18.20/hour
Librarian: $18.75/hour
Street superintendent: $16.00/hour
Police chief: $15.00/hour
Mayor: $4,800/year
Council: $1,200/year
Town clerk: $33,139/year
Water/sewer superintendent and
miscellaneous: $64,360/year
Police chief: $40,730/year
County Line
Mayor: $360/year
Council: $320/year
Town clerk: $4,800/year
Mayor: $9,000/year
Mayor pro tem: $1,800/year
Council: $1,200/year
Town clerk: $15.06/hour
Highland Lake
Mayor: volunteer
Council: volunteer
Town clerk: $18,078/year
Police chief: $33,000/year

Locust Fork
Mayor: $2,400/year
Council: $1,200/year
Town clerk: $16.50/hour
Mayor: $2,400/year
Council: $600/year
Town/water clerk: $17.30/hour
Lead water operator: $19.90/hour
Mayor: $18,000
Council: $3,000
City manager/community/airport
developer: $137,017
Public safety director/administrator:
City clerk/treasurer/magistrate:
Director of finance (vacant): $72,799
(gross wages paid in 2015)
Police chief: $72,056
Fire chief: $59,860
Public works director: $50,548
Park and recreation director: $41,848
Library director: $40,620
Mayor: $240/year
Town clerk: $1,200/year
Mayor: $500/month
Council: $200/month
Police chief: $38,000/year
Town clerk: $18/hour
Court clerk: $15/hour
Lead operator (water department):
Susan Moore
Mayor: $1,500/year
Council $900/year
Town clerk $6,600/year