County commission handles routine business

The Blount County Commission handled a number of routine matters at its Monday business meeting, including approval of mailing the invitations for annual bids for goods and services, and approving a resolution requesting that federal disaster assistance for debris removal for April tornadoes be restored to the 90 percent level, retroactive to July 13.

Annual sealed bids will be taken by the commission at the commission boardroom in the courthouse until 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 29, and publicly opened at that time.

The commission approved seven specific budget amendments and granted administrator Ralph Mitchell general authority to make year-end budget amendments and journal entries as necessary to comply with the Code of Alabama. Budget amendments approved

$80 for District 3 for the sale of used oil.

$38 for District 2 for the sale of used oil.

$100 for District 4 for the sale of used oil.

$2366 for District 4 for road work in Locust Fork.

$463 for District 1 for reimbursement for road signs.

$15 for District 2 for reimbursement for road signs.

$75 for District 4 for reimbursement for road signs.

The commission reappointed Jimmy Buckner to a six-year term representing District 3 on the Blount County Solid Waste Authority board. It also approved extending family medical leave for a sheriff’s department employee. Engineering items

At the recommendation of county engineer Richard Spraggins, the commission:

approved an agreement and authorized Commission Chairman David Standridge to sign it to mow rights of way on the town streets of Locust Fork for $1457 a day; it is expected to take less than a full 10-hour day to do the work.

approved setting a 25 mph speed limit on Mountain Top Road in District 1, due to hills and curves and narrowness of the road.

authorized Standridge to sign two agreements with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT): one to cover the upcoming project to repave county road 1 from Cleveland to the intersection with county road 33, and a second one to cover reimbursement for Federal Highway Administration removal of debris from the storms of April.

approved a driveway culvert of 60 feet on Black Road in District 2.

Spraggins said covered bridge plans and documents have been forwarded by ALDOT to the Federal Highway Administration for final approval to release funding for the renovation project for the three structures.

All members of the commission were present at the meeting: District 1’s Allen Armstrong, District 2’s Andy Neill, District 3’s Dean Calvert, District 4’s Waymon Pitts, and Chairman David Standridge. Evening work session scheduled

The next commission work session is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 8, at 6 p.m. The commission has tried to schedule periodic work sessions in the early evening to allow citizens to attend who are normally at work during daytime hours. The next business meeting will be Monday, Sept. 12, at 9 a.m. Both will be in the commission boardroom at the courthouse.