County cemeteries added to register



Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) recently added the James Whitley Family Cemetery near Oneonta and the Lamb Cemetery near Susan Moore to the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.

“The cemetery register is a prestigious listing of historic cemeteries in Alabama,” said Lee Anne Wofford, cemetery program coordinator. “The AHC considers the notable historic cemeteries in this register to be particularly worthy of preservation and appreciation, and therefore deserving of this special recognition.”

Seven cemeteries in Blount County are now listed on the register, which features 374 cemeteries statewide. The other five are Blountsville, Dailey’s Chapel, Tidwell, Byrd, and McDonald cemeteries.

The Whitley cemetery contains three burials, the oldest dated to 1878. Confederate veteran James Whitley is buried here along with his wife, Mary Ann Dodd Whitley. It is located on private property that once belonged to James T. Whitley but currently is owned by Lucille Sandlin, which she leases to Mike Hamby.

The Lamb Cemetery contains four marked graves and at least 30 unmarked graves. Th oldest marked burial dates to 1877. At least one Civil War soldier and several Whitley family members are buried here. It is located on private property currently owned by descendants of C. Claude Moore, son-in-law of original owner James S. Lamb, a Confederate veteran who donated the land for the cemetery.

The Alabama Historical Commission administers the cemetery program, which gives aid to the general public, government officials, civic groups, and others in identifying, documenting, registering, and conserving Alabama’s historic cemeteries. The register officially recognizes and honors family and community cemeteries that were established at least 40 years ago. Listing in the state cemetery register is an honorary designation imposing no restrictions on property owners.

State law protects all cemeteries from willful desecration and destruction. To protect, preserve, and interpret Alabama’s historic places is the mission of the Alabama Historical Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office.

The register certificates for these two cemeteries were donated and can be viewed at the Blount County Memorial Museum.