Council seeks to hire water and court clerks

Town of Snead

The Snead Town Council was expected to hold a special meeting this week to select a court clerk from the six applicants that were interviewed last week at the regularly scheduled meeting.

Council woman Ann Sullins, sitting in for the mayor who was not in attendance, led the interviewing and told the applicants the council would try to reach a decision this week.

Sullins also reported that “the water clerk is gone” and the council would review the old applicants and try to make a decision this week, if one of those remaining applicants fit the town’s criteria.

In another matter, Snead Police Chief Stephen Gunn reported that his department has received a $23,490 grant from ADECA, which the department is very excited about. He explained that the grant will go to purchase Glock pistols along with attachable laser light and holsters, new laptops for the vehicles, in-car video systems, mobile radios, thermal imaging binoculars, and an evidence room tracking program.

Gunn said the upgrades will help attract and retain the officers the department now has. At his request, councilman Dale Snead made a motion to put the funds into a separate account at Liberty Bank so they can easily be accounted for in the event of an audit.

Chief Gunn also reported that his department has started a very successful church assessments program and they are putting together a Church Security Academy, which will provide information to churches concerning possible shootings and how to best react to severe weather events. He also noted that the department now has a radar class underway that is also drawing statewide interest.

In other actions, the council:

• Decided to wait until the town audit is finished before acting on employee raises.

• Tabled action regarding R&R Logging and the amount still due the town from timber work done.

• Agreed to pay a portion of money for speed bumps less $1,374.84, which councilman Snead said had not been approved.

• Heard a report from councilman Greg Ogles concerning the need for nets at the batting cages. No action was taken.

• Approved paying $449 for a new computer printer for the fire department at the request of chief Lee Netherton.

• Utility operator Jeff Whited reported that some bridge work was being done, but the recent rains were slowing progress.