Council opposes medical supply legislation


After much discussion, the Cleveland Town Council voted to oppose legislation that would remove the requirement for medical supply companies to purchase business licenses in municipalities they service.

The vote came during last Thursday’s regular council meeting.

The proposed bill would allow medical supply and home healthcare agencies to make deliveries to Cleveland without buying business licenses causing the town to lose much needed revenue.

Town attorney Alex Smith explained the disadvantages of this new law such as loss of town revenue and drug stores that could be negatively affected. Mayor Jerry Jones reported that he had spoken to several other mayors and that all were also in opposition to the bill. The council voted unanimously to oppose the bill and Smith plans to draw up a resolution to that effect.

In other business, the park board reported that the repair of the air conditioning units at the baseball park was completed. The council also discussed the selling of food on Sundays at the baseball park. They decided not to try and sell business licenses but instead would continue to ask the vendors for a percentage of their earnings.

Councilman Doug Hill also reported that Friends of Locust Fork River would hold an event at the park on April 23. There would be activities for kids, music for adults, and the theme emphasizes no littering.

The council voted to hire the company Four Seasons to repair the fences at the baseball park, the football stadium, and the front and back gates. It will cost $2,800 for the repairs with an additional $450 for the gates. They also voted to purchase a 3/4-ton, super cab truck with four-wheel drive for $26,090, which was $3,000 less than a half-ton truck.

Utilities superintendent Steve Pass explained to the council that the AEDs, more commonly known as defibrillators, were no longer serviceable and must be replaced. The best price available now was $989 until Oct. 1, 2016, when they would increase to their regular price. The fire department has already purchased one with plans to buy at least one more. Pass also explained that these defibrillators store the medical history of the patient when he arrives at a hospital and the batteries are available at Wal-Mart or hardware stores. The council voted to buy the defibrillators.

In attendance at were councilmen Hill, James Bynum, Sherry White, Tommy Swindle, and Glenn Puckett, Mayor Jones, Police Chief Tim Jones, town clerk Michelle Sanders, Pass and several visitors.

The Cleveland Town Council meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Cleveland Town Hall.