Council looks at signs and policy


With councilors Greg Ogles and Charles Sanders absent, remaining Snead council members chose to delay action on two matters. Town clerk Rae Ware had prepared a resolution addressing concerns of the town’s new insurance agent. That resolution defines “acceptable driving record” and clarifies points related to employee cell phone use.

As explained by Ware and covered in previous discussion, the driving record would be set as holding a valid Alabama driver’s license. The resolution also calls for notification of any driving points accrued on that record.

The cell phone policy would underscore state law against texting while driving and forbid personal use of townprovided cell phones. As noted in previous meetings, the personal-use provision also addresses auditing concerns that personal-use entails a taxable employee benefit.

The selection and purchase of town welcoming signs completed the delayed actions. Alligator Signs submitted a bid on different types and sizes of town signs. Prices provided for four signs ranged between $3,880 and $7,740.

Council members discussed possible upgrades to the signs. They also suggested officials check with other municipalities which have erected new signs for additional guidance.

Mayor Curtis Painter advised the council of police Chief Phillip Weaver’s absence while attending an annual chief’s conference. Members later approved training expenses for municipal court employees Glenda Kimberly and Lucretia Long and for chemical spill responders Lee Netherton, Joseph Blackwood, Ty Webb, and Eddie Ellison.

Councilors recessed into executive session at the suggestion of town attorney Brett King. King indicated he felt the contractual negotiations over franchise rights between the town and Marshall County Gas might have collateral implications. The company has asked to expand its service into the town.

Remaining councilors Tim Kent, Phillip McHan, and Dale Snead joined Painter for the Jan. 26 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.