Council learns scenic overlook not quite ready


Mayor Jerry Jones began Cleveland’s town council meeting last Thursday by announcing Councilman Sherry White’s wife, Peggy Jo Hunt White, had recently passed away. Jones said everyone connected with the town felt the same in that their “hearts and prayers were with his family.” White was not present.

The mayor announced that despite the belief at last month’s meeting that all the necessary legal formalities regarding the old Highway 75 bridge and the Locust Fork River Overlook Project were completed, he has since learned that is not quite true. Some changes had to be made in the wording of the orders that had to do with the involvement of Marshall County Gas, which will be forced to abandon plans to route a pipeline under the river, and therefore will continue to run the line on the bridge. Mayor Jones said he has been told the changes are minor and will not be too long in coming.

The road paving project has stalled somewhat and the mayor reported to the council he has been strongly encouraging the contractor to get back to work. The town’s contract with McCartney Construction Company calls for the work to be completed within 120 working days from the contract date with allowances made for bad weather days. Mayor Jones and utilities superintendent Steve Pass estimated they had about three weeks left. The mayor also said 52 percent of the work was complete and that included the majority of the most difficult areas, therefore he felt they could and would complete the project within the framework of the contract. He also noted that so far as the completed work, they were under budget.

In new business, the council unanimously agreed to each of the following:

• Purchase of a new Ford Explorer for the police department at a cost of $32,000.00. The purchase price of the vehicle itself would be $30,663.00 and the balance would be the cost of having equipment (radio, light bar, etc.) transferred from an old car and installed.

• Replace a surveillance camera and install a new light for security at the town hall, with cost not to exceed $600.

• Purchase a T435 Husqvarna 14” saw/ tree trimmer for $329.00.

• Surplus the police vehicle that is the oldest and in the worst condition.

• Surplus the old Christmas lights.

The remainder of the meeting dealt with park business.

The council unanimously agreed to three projects brought by the mayor. The first is to replace rotting wood and repair the roofs of two pavilions for $3,700. The second is to build a structure that will cover the amphitheater seats for $7,700. It would provide shade on the hottest days and a roof during inclement weather. The third, at a cost of $2,600, is to erect a wooden fence along a drainage ditch in order to provide a safer environment.

The mayor and Pass also asked the council to approve the installation of an additional pole with two LED lights on the darkest portion of the walking track. Jones pointed out that at this time of the year it gets dark very early and, unless there is a full moon, the area in question is still not well lit. The cost would be $3,700. The council agreed without dissent.

All the park work will be done by Adams Building Company of Blountsville.

The mayor reported the town had purchased and planted in the park eight red maple October Glory trees as approved by the council at a previous meeting.

The council voted to purchase a Christmas tree for the park from Marvin’s for not more than $75.

Jones and Pass reported the brick structures in the park that hold memorial plaques are in disrepair. After discussion, the council agreed to the removal of the plaques and to have them installed in the community center in a manner and date to be determined later.

Finally, Councilman Glen Puckett said he would give a report at next month’s meeting regarding the cost of erecting structures that could provide shade for the park’s playground.

Present along with Mayor Jones and Puckett were councilmen James Bynum, Doug Hill, and Tommy Swindle and several visitors.