Council handles personnel, vehicle, other matters

Oneonta City Council

At its May 8 business meeting, the Oneonta City Council, at councilman Nathaniel Butler’s recommendation, elected Chris Hardeman as president of the Park and Recreation Board, replacing Rob Rice who passed away in March. Butler also moved to hire Ferris Phillips and Sharon Blackwood as temporary city pool employees. The council approved the motion unanimously.

Councilman Richard Phillips stated the police department needs a new vehicle, recommending the purchase of a 2018 Ford Explorer for a purchase price of $36,673. The council approved unanimously.

Councilman Hal Blackwood moved to approve a lease/purchase deal for a Caterpillar backhoe for the public works department for $102,564.78, which he said is already included in the 2018 budget. The council voted to approve with all ayes.

Councilwoman Tanya Rogers offered a motion to approve a purchase of a couch and two recliners for Fire Station 13 at Limestone Springs for $1,250. The motion was approved.

City manager Ed Lowe read a resolution granting Patti Robinson a temporary easement to use an unimproved portion of Spring Street upon which the driveway to her property encroaches, as revealed by a recent survey. The council approved the resolution as read.

Mayor Ross Norris and council members thanked officer Steve Gunn for his 25 years service with the city and wished him well in his new job as police chief for the Town of Snead. All congratulated Brandon Horton upon his receiving his bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville State.