Council completes Heritage Green course rezoning

City of Oneonta

The Oneonta City Council completed its rezoning plans for Heritage Green golf course and club house. City manager/economic developer Ed Lowe explained in a public hearing prior to the regular council meeting, that the city had long wished to rezone the property from agriculture to residential.

That rezoning, which was stipulated in the most recent bid invitations, places the course in line with the residential area surrounding the course. As Mayor Ross Norris noted, this will prevent any future action which could lead to planting corn or grazing cattle there. Lowe noted in both meetings that the city’s zoning and planning commission had endorsed the change.

In the regular meeting, councilman Hal Blackwood won approval for three capital outlay items for the utilities department which he advises. The department will purchase a portable table saw for $529, a portable air compressor for $319, and a 20-ton hydraulic porta power for $340.99.

Councilors approved advertising for a part-time library circulation clerk to replace a retiring employee. Fire chief Kenneth Booth announced plans to sponsor a weather radio give-away program; he will provide details later.

The council committed the city to participate in the annual state back-to-school sales tax holiday July 19-21. Oneonta Business Association president Patti Moss Williams announced plans to co-sponsor a Spring Clean Saturday, May 4. Other sponsors include the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce, Oneonta Beautification Board, and the City of Oneonta.

Remaining councilors (Nathaniel Butler, Richard Phillips, Danny Robinson, and Tonya Rogers) joined Norris and Blackwood for the April 9 session. The council has scheduled its regular meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. in city hall.