Council accepts residents’ de-annexation requests

After a hefty amount of discussion from several petitioners, residents were granted their requests to be de-annexed from Hayden last month. The council passed a resolution granting de-annexation rights to six residents who were annexed in July by mistake.

According to town attorney Jeff Sherrer, a parcel of land was inadvertently annexed into the town without the residents’ knowledge. “The 20- acre parcel belonged to a developer. Once homeowners noticed an increase in property tax, they informed the mayor and council that they were annexed into Hayden without consent,” he said.

The 2010 annexation bill, created by the town of Hayden to prevent the city of Warrior from extending its taxing authority into areas of Blount County, was proposed to Hayden residents at a community discussion meeting last January to explain the annexation process as a legislative action. Local officials also informed residents that unless property owners in the area requested the annexation, their land would not be included in the parcels being annexed. The annexation bill incorporated more than 500 parcels of west Blount property into the Hayden town limits protecting residents from Warrior’s tax ordinance.

Sherrer, who has coordinated the Hayden annexation effort, said that only six of the 500 parcels are known to have been mistakenly annexed. “There was no way for us to have conducted the amount of title research to have precluded this from happening,” he said. “We have the ability to ascertain how much taxes were paid and will make sure that the residents are refunded,” Sherrer continued.

The de-annexation will be finalized once Probate Judge David Standridge has signed the order, which could be around the end of April.