In last week’s report on the candidates’ forum at Hayden, District 1 Commissioner Allen Armstrong was quoted as saying that the sheriff’s department had improperly benefitted from $315,000 in its budget for multiple years. Actually, Armstrong said the department had mismanaged the $315,000.

There were several incorrect details in last week’s story on the 80-pound catfish caught at Inland Lake by Johnny Owen. (That much was correct.) The fish was caught on March 11, not March 4. The fish was weighed on a set of CAT scales at the Petro in Gadsden, not in Decatur, (although the state biologist in Decatur did certify the species). It seems the fish was weighed (in Gadsden) shortly after it was caught on Sunday. But it was not taken to Decatur for species certification until the next day, Monday. The fish was not a state record fish; it was a line-class world record fish for the species. So was the first record blue cat Johnny caught in 1995. It was a line-class world record at that time. And that 1995 63-pound cat wasn’t caught at Inland Lake; it was caught at Highland Lake. And when Johnny went to Inland Lake on March 11 to catch his champion catfish, his wife didn’t drop him off, then go home. He dropped her off, then went fishing.