In last week’s article on Oneonta alcohol taxes, The Blount Countian referred to the total of beer excise taxes and general sales taxes from alcoholic beverages – an amount estimated at $300,000 to $320,000 – as if it were all subject to division between the Oneonta school system (25 percent), the Oneonta public safety departments – police and fire (25 percent) – and the Oneonta general fund (50 percent). That is not the case. Only the beer excise tax portion – estimated at about $100,000 to $120,000 for the year – is subject to being divided among the school system, public safety, and the general fund according to the 25 – 25 – 50 formula. There is no way of separating the amount of general sales tax collections attributable to alcohol sales from the remainder of products subject to sales tax, thus no way of accurately dividing the unknown quantity.

Last week, in the article about full-time firefighting positions created at West Blount Fire Department, The Blount Countian quoted fire department board chairman Greg Reid as saying the department’s current ISO rating is 5/9. Reid actually said the rating is 7/9, and notified the paper of the error after publication. The reporter erred in reporting the rating. The information quoted concerning the department’s goal of achieving an ISO rating of 4/8B is correct.