In last week’s article on compensation of county employees, several errors and misunderstandings occurred. Corrected figures are given here by job title. For Captain-investigator, the correct annual compensation is $45,905. For Lieutenant-investigator, the correct figure is $42,650. Both were inflated substantially by allowances for overtime. For Deputy, the correct figure is $31,624. That figure represents a rough average for 17 employees who carry that title, according to Blount County Sheriff Loyd Arrington. The figure reported was for the longest-serving deputy (who recently retired), creating the unfortunate impression that all deputy titles were supposed to be compensated at that rate. Salaries vary depending on length of service. Figures reported for Sergeantinvestigator were subject to the same problem. A representative salary for the title Sergeant-investigator, carried by eight Sheriff’s Department employees is $40,508, Arrington said. Again, individual compensation varies by length of service. The figure $48,880, reported for one Sergeant-investigator not assigned to the sheriff’s department, was correct.