Connie Cooner Rowe

Connie Cooner Rowe

Connie Cooner Rowe

Connie Cooner Rowe is a candidate for House District 13, opposing incumbent candidate Bill Roberts. House District 13 includes the westernmost part of Blount County: the Mt. High precinct and about half of the Smoke Rise precinct. The district includes a sizable part of Walker County, including Jasper.

Personal profile
Age: none provided
Born and resides in: Jasper

Family details: married to John Austin Rowe, with one son, Marion Rivers Wells, 27.

Graduated Walker High School, 1981;
Walker College, with associate degree,
1983; University of Alabama with bachelor’s degree, 2009. Also graduated
University of Alabama Law Enforcement
Academy; certified instructor, Alabama
Peace Officers’ Standards and Training
Commission and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Work background

3 years – police officer, Jasper Police Department.

22 years – criminal investigator, Walker County District Attorney’s Office. 3 years (current) – Chief of Police, City of Jasper.

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•Member, Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police
•Member, Alabama Law Enforcement Coordinating
Committee Advisory Board
•Board member, Daybreak Domestic Violence
Shelter Program
•Former state president, Alabama District Attorneys’
Investigator’s Association.

Why are you running for office?
“Public service has always attracted me. I believe my
life and work experiences have prepared me for being
well suited to represent District 13 in the Alabama
Legislature…As a police chief, I’ve had an opportunity
to develop personally and professionally. I want to do
more. It is the right time for me and I believe it is the
right time for the district.”

State your qualifications for office
•serving as Jasper Police Chief since July, 2011
•serving as criminal investigator for 22 years
•BA degree in communications
•life-long Alabama resident

State your platform priorities
• Creating jobs and stimulating the economic
•Building more prisons to keep criminals behind bars.
•Keeping money in the classrooms and opposing the
Common Core.

If there was one issue that you would want associated
with your candidacy more than any other, what
would it be?
“Common Core is a Washington-based program
adopted by the State Board of Education under the
guise of raising educational standards. The truth is it is
a curriculum/ testing plan drafted by bureaucrats
which is an assault on local control of education. The
Alabama House and Senate leadership refuses to consider stopping Common Core, and I will work to put the
matter to a vote.”

Candidate’s statement to voters:

“I’m asking you for the opportunity to serve our district in Montgomery – to represent what we think and what we believe on the floor of the Legislature. I’ve never run for political office in the past, and I’m excited about being a first-time candidate. I will work tirelessly for the people, not the power brokers in Montgomery. I have the willingness to serve. This is your decision, and I’m asking for your vote.”