Community Arts Council solicits donations and ideas

If you have attended any of the events presented by the Community Arts Council of Blount County, you know that you enjoyed a top-notch performance by a talented artist or group, our own talented students, or our own talented adults.

Perhaps your children or other members of your family have benefitted from some of our activities. If so, you know the value of the arts in our community.

In order to bring more artists and activities to our community, we need your help in raising enough money to offer more of the same activities, such as the Missoula Children’s Theatre, where our own children are the stars and which we have brought here each summer – eleven times – since 2004 and the Art Camp for our youth – next summer will be our fifth one.

The most asked for activity is more community theater. The production last year of It’s a Wonderful Life, by the Neely Arts Center, was well received, and we are looking at the possibility of another theatrical performance in the future. With your help, we can make it happen.

If you would like to help us bring more arts activities to Blount County, please send a donation to Community Arts Council of Blount County, P.O. Box 661, Oneonta, AL 35121. We look forward to your ideas and hope you will take the opportunity to be part of the Arts Council either in person or by sending a donation.

Stanley Moss

President, Community Arts Council of Blount County