Commission will use E-Verify to check employment eligibility; approves 2012 paving plan for District 2

The Blount County Commission voted in Monday’s business meeting to authorize the commission chairman to sign an E-Verify agreement when it becomes available within the next three months. E-Verify is a federally-run computer system that compares information from an employee’s Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from other U.S. government records.

If the information matches, the employee is cleared to work in the U.S. If there is a mismatch, E-verify notifies the employer and the employee has a specified period of time to resolve the discrepancy with the appropriate agency. The system is operated by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

The procedure will be used with all new hires, as well as with all existing employees.

The commission approved the 2012 paving plan submitted for District 2. The list includes eight roads, most of which are all dirt, and several of which were plowed up with the intent of reclaiming them with new pavement this year. They are Holland Road, Mill Road, Quail Run Road, McClarty Road, and Phillips Road. Wright Road has a small section that is dirt.

Paved roads included in the plan are county road 38, Ashley Road, and the major portion of Wright Road. District 2 Commissioner Andy Neill said that dirt roads will get a double layer of tar and gravel. Paved roads will get a single additional layer. In other actions, the commission:

•approved transferring a 5-ft.-x-8-ft. enclosed trailer, from the coroner to animal control.

•approved transferring a 1000-gal. fuel tank at the Blount County Landfill and Recycling Center to the Blount County Commission and relocating it to the Brooksville Fire Department, where it will be used by fire departments in the northern part of the county, and to service county-wide fuel needs. The county administrator was authorized to contract with Fuelman to service the location.

•declared surplus a 1992 Ford F-150 pickup truck from District 4, and authorized the administrator to sell it.

•approved pay grade change for jail cook supervisor from Grade 4 to Grade 6, as requested by the sheriff.

•approved budget amendment for $321.25 for road work in Hayden.

•approved a proclamation honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee and designating Monday, Jan. 16, to be celebrated in recognition of his birth. State, county, and municipal offices will be closed that day, which is a state holiday.

•approved District Attorney Pamela Casey’s request in the amount of $66,925.27 to be transferred from account 761 to account 760 for salaries for the second quarter for the worthless check unit.

Following completion of agenda items, the commission voted to go into executive session to discuss matters that could lead to litigation.

Commissioners returned in about 45 minutes, reopened the meeting and offered a motion in the form suggested by county attorney Tom Prickett, to wit: “I move to authorize and direct commission attorneys to prepare and deliver a notice of proposed disciplinary action pursuant to the Employee Manual for all pending complaints under the authority of the commission.”

The motion passed unanimously.

At the conclusion of the morning’s business, Commission Chairman David Standridge announced that the meeting would stand in recess until Monday, Feb. 6, at 9 a.m. Attempts to determine the reason for the recessed meeting were unsuccessful. Commissioners contacted said the reason for the recessed meeting concerned a matter or matters that cannot be disclosed.

All members of the commission were present at the business meeting: District 1’s Allen Armstrong, District 2’s Andy Neill, District 3’s Dean Calvert, District 4’s Waymon Pitts, and Commission Chairman David Standridge.

The next scheduled commission work session is Thursday,Feb.9,at9a.m.Thenextbusinessmeetingis Monday, Feb. 13. Both meetings will be in the commission boardroom at the courthouse.