Commission awards paving bid, approves special road projects

The Blount County Commission resumed its July 18 recessed meeting last week to handle four items of business: awarding a tar-and-gravel bid, approving $790,471 in special road projects for the four districts, approving the district attorney’s request to transfer $60,000 from fund 761 to fund 760 (see “Casey answers commission,” pg. A1), and authorized the county administrator, Ralph Mitchell, to negotiate new cell phone contracts, which Chairman David Standridge was authorized to sign.

The tar-and-gravel bid was awarded to Charles Watts, Inc. of Gadsden with a bid of $1.34 to $1.38 (depending on mileage) per square yard for bituminous treatment G (single layer surface) and $2.58 to $2.60 (depending on mileage) per square yard for bituminous treatment JG (double layer surface). Special paving projects

Approved at last week’s meeting for paving this year were 34 special road projects totaling about 46 miles of county roads in the four districts. These are in addition to the regular, planned paving program for the year. Below are the roads in each district included in the special paving projects.

District 1:

Arkadelphia Rd. – 3 miles

Mt. Woods Lake Rd. – 1 mile

Panoramic Trail and Circle – 1 mile

Cannons Crossing – 0.5 mile

County Rd. 5 – 1.5-2 miles

District 1 Commissioner Allen Armstrong said contract paving work on his regular, planned paving program will begin next week and continue for four to five days. The roads included are Saturn Circle, Mountain Lake Road, Ridge Trail, Ridge Circle, Crosshill Trail, and Crossfill Circle.

District 2:

22 roads (15 total miles) some completely paved, some only in sections, including Page Springs Rd., George Yates Rd., Mt. Hebron Rd., Roswell Creek Rd., Johns Rd., Chandler Rd. Cedar Ridge Rd., Shady Grove Rd., County 34, Gaines Mountain Rd., Hood Rd., Hamilton Mountain Rd., Old Liberty Rd., Liberty Rd., Johnny Clem Rd., Cornelius Rd., Littleton Rd., Starnes Chapel Rd., Madden Rd., Williams Settlement Rd., County 41.

District 3:
County Rd. 42 – 7.5 miles
County Rd. 20 – 4 miles

District 4:
County Rd. 53 – 5.5 miles
Center Springs Rd. – 3.1 miles
Maple Valley Rd. – 0.45 mile
Skyview Trail – 1.2 miles
Sherbet Rd. – 0.38 mile