Commission awards fire hydrant bid, votes to purchase 18-acre chert pit

The Blount County Commission awarded the bid in the amount of $204,900 to CJF Construction of Florence, in connection with the community development block grant fire hydrant project. The project entails installation of about 52 new hydrants, all in District 2. It includes 15 hydrants in the Brooksville fire district, 15 hydrants in the Blountsville fire district, eight in the Susan Moore fire district, six in the Royal fire district, four in the Snead fire district, and four in the Summit fire district. Installation is expected to begin in August and be complete by the end of the year.

The commission also approved purchasing for $60,000 17.95 acres in the Taits Gap area to be used as a chert pit for districts 1, 3, and 4. District 2 did not participate in the purchase because chert is readily available from pits in the northern part of the county. The property will be financed over three years and paid equally out of the three district road budgets.

Budget amendments

The commission approved the following budget amendments:

•$3017 for funds received from the town of Locust Fork for work performed on town roads.

•$529.25 for funds received from the 911 organization for the purchase of roads signs for districts 1, 3, and 4.

•$90 for funds received for the sale of scrap metal in District 2.

In other actions, the commission:

•approved the minutes and claims from the May 10 business meeting.

•authorized the chairman to sign the application for county Visa cards through Superior Bank, to replace the current Walmart cards.

•approved cost of $5625 as the county’s share of hydraseeding the Oneonta chert pit, to be paid equally from districts 1, 3, and 4 budgets.

•rescinded previous action donating to Hope House the county’s 20 percent share of proceeds from sale of two Blount County Transportation buses; federal regulations require return of these funds to the granting agency; instead the county will make a contribution to Hope House equal to the amount of its share of proceeds from sale of the two vehicles when they are sold; the money will be taken from the county general fund.

•approved correcting item #14 in the April commission meeting minutes; the correct asset number for the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria donated by the sheriff’s department to the Summit Fire Department is #6625.

•postponed acting on a request for a cemetery extension for New Life Faith Covenant Church on county road 29 in District 3; the commission will reconsider the matter when it receives a request in writing from the church for the extension; at that time a public hearing on the matter will also be scheduled.

•postponed acting on a request for a variance from subdivision regulations concerning road frontage and setback requirements for mobile homes in District 2; Commissioner Robert Bullard requested postponement to allow him more time to collect information on the matter.

Engineering items

Following extensive discussion in both work session and business meeting, the commission approved parts but not all of a request for variances from Casa Bonita Multi-Family Housing for a 10-unit housing project to be built on Kudzu Road in Oneonta. Approved were use of overhead instead of buried utility service, use of a Type D curb in parking areas, rather than the larger type required by subdivision specifications; and setbacks of 25 feet rather than the 35 feet from the right-ofway boundary as required by subdivision regulations.

A request was approved from McCombs Services for a one-year extension to submit final plat of Jamestown Estates Sector Two under June 2008 subdivision rules.

A request was approved from builder David Martin to accept roads in Red Valley Heights Subdivision and to release the $25,000 performance bond; the following streets were accepted: Hummingbird Lane, 0.10 mile; Goldfinch Lane, 0.04 mile; Kingbird Lane, 0.25 mile; and Cardinal Lane, 0.27 mile.

A resolution was approved to cooperate with the state Department of Transportation for the planing, resurfacing, shoulder work, and striping of Ala 132 from Oneonta to the Etowah County line.

The commission authorized the commission chairman to write a letter endorsing a state Department of Transportation – proposed project to replace the bridge over the Little Warrior River on Ala. 79 north of Locust Fork; the commission asked that the replacement project specify a four-lane bridge in anticipation of the four-laning of Ala. 79 in coming years.

Present at the business meeting were District 2 Commissioner Robert Bullard, District 3 Commissioner Tom Ryan, District 4 Commissioner Waymon Pitts, and Commission Chairman David Standridge. District 1 Commissioner David Cochran was absent.

The next commission work session is Thursday, July 8, at 9 a.m. The next business meeting is Monday, July 12, at 9 a.m. Both will meet in the commission chamber at the county courthouse in Oneonta.