Comment on Paleo Profiles

I would like to make a comment on the article on Paleo Profiles that was in The Blount Countian
Aug. 4 edition, section B. I could not help but think of the comment sent to you on the Creation Museum the week prior to this article.

The writer of the Paleo Profiles is well educated, to his benefit, and apparently knows a great deal about Paleontology and Hardouinia. The writer states that the Cretaceous site in Montgomery is some 84 million years old. The article also states at least part of the sea biscuits appear to have been washed up in this compressed area by a high energy event such as a storm.

As was written in my previous comment that people look at the world starting with a belief system of either evolution or creation. The writer of the Paleo Profiles article revealed his belief system when it was stated these fossils at this Mongomery Cretaceous site is 84 million years old. This brings a question to my mind, has he or anyone considered that just possibly the fossils could have been deposited there by Noah’s flood just a few thousand years ago, which would have been the high energy event referred to in the article?

Charles Shipp