Come back to the manger

We spent three years collecting a beautiful manger scene to put in our yard for Christmas. April 27, 2011, destroyed it all. We decided to start over again. We spent our morning the day after Christmas of 2011 first in line at a sale so that we could replace our manger. We were told that a gentleman (who had come through another door) had bought the whole set for his church. We were so disappointed, because a sale was the only way we could afford the manger scene.

We went over to him and explained our problem, but told him that we were happy that he had it because it would be used at a church. He took our phone number and told us that he and people from his church (Guiding Light Church) were looking for pieces for two scenes they would display in different parts of Birmingham. They would try to help us to get our manger scene back together again.

About three days later, we got a call from Dr. Wells. He and several of his church members had collected the stable and the majority of the characters for us. We met him at UAB (he is an orthodontist) and paid him the sale price for the figures. We were deeply touched that a stranger would help us. He shows the true spirit of Christmas.

Instead of complaining about manger scenes not being allowed in public places, we would like to see more churches and homes displaying them. Perhaps this would help all of us come back to the manger and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

John and Janice Graves