Cleveland park

During the regular monthly meeting Jan. 9, Mayor Jerry Jones informed the Cleveland Town Council of progress being made in the new park, which includes planting trees and maintenance around the pond. They are also working on more access and additional parking. Jones discussed the possibility of a fishing day for kids in April and said he will be looking for prize sponsors.

In other park business, Jones said he and councilman Doug Hill would meet with the park board the following week in an attempt to make certain the events previously discussed did not reoccur in the future. (Jones was referring to December’s meeting and the issues related to disappointing Labor Day Festival revenue and cancellation of Christmas in the Park without informing the council.)

In an unusually short meeting the council unanimously approved the following:

• $1,000 to purchase customized panels to be placed on existing fence around the water treatment plant. Jones described the panels as a screen that will provide 90 percent visual blockage.

• A $1-per-hour, five-year merit raise for water department employee Michael Walker.

Tommy Swindle, Sherry White, James Bynum, and James Sullivan joined Jones and Hill. The council meets the second Thursday of every month at 7 town hall.

Park board meeting

Jones and Hill met with the park board on Monday, Jan. 13, in what Jones described as “uneventful.” (The Blount Countian was unable to attend). Jones said there was no dispute from the park board members that “things did not get done” last year in terms of the Labor Day Festival and Christmas in the Park. As he put it, “It’s not even all about the revenue, but how the town is represented.” He said if the town is going to be involved in an event, “it’s going to be a good representation of the town.”

Jones and Hill plan to meet with the park board again on Feb. 11.