Cleveland makes first dent in building of storm shelters



Cleveland took the first step in bringing community storm shelters to town on May 16 after a groundbreaking ceremony for its first shelter. The shelters will be adjacent to the town park and together will hold 197 people. The shelters will be opened 24 hours a day so residents will always have a safe place during severe weather. The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program awarded a grant to the town of Cleveland to aid in the building of the shelters.

“This is just another part of our readiness preparation for any future storms or severe weather outbreaks,” said Cleveland mayor, Jerry Jones “This one should be completed within roughly 90 days.”

Pictured from left: Brent Mitchell of Aqua Marine Enterprises, Inc; Blount County Commissioner Waymon Pitts; councilman Doug Hill; police chief Tim Jones; grant committee member Eldridge Bynum; town employee Justin Copeland; superintendent Steve Pass; Mayor Jerry Jones; town clerk Debra Millwood; assistant clerk Tara Grigsby; utility clerk Michele Sanders; and councilman Glenn Puckett.

– Nicole Singleton