Cleveland handles routine items

The Cleveland Town Council last week approved a number of routine repairs and purchases and discussed two continuing matters of old business. Mayor Jerry Jones polled members for estimates on various items and, after discussion, the council approved:

• purchase of new chair for the front office at a cost of up to $250.

• purchase of new external hard drive at a cost up to $125.

• repair of town hall roof leak at a low-bid price of $928.

• replacing roof of old pavilion at an estimated cost of $6,800.

• replacing lights in old pavilion at a cost of $90 each for four lights.

• replacing roof on well house building #2 at an estimated cost of $3,275.

In old business, the council discussed hiring a building inspector currently working elsewhere who has been approached about working full-time in that capacity at Cleveland. The candidate did not show great interest in doing so, but did not rule it out either, with the result that Cleveland will “continue to pursue” his possible interest. Council members agreed they need to clearly define the scope of the job to support the continuing effort to fill it. Councilman Tommy Swindle made the point that a professional building inspection program in the town will support property values and reduce insurance rates, to which others agreed.

The council discussed at length the need to focus on identifying appropriate playground equipment for the new playground at the park. Informal specifications are that the park will be sized to handle 20 to 25 children in the 2-5-year age range at a time. While everyone would like a Disneyland-quality playground set, the council faced the fact that it doesn’t have a Disneyland-sized budget, and seemed to agree that the cost of the unit or units should be in the $20,000 range. Jones emphasized they needed to concurrently determine the amount of space the playground will occupy, so the amount and cost of fencing required to screen children from the road can be determined.

Town attorney Alex Smith volunteered to shop among his contacts for a good deal on playground equipment, if council members would show him an example of what appeals to them in terms of features, design, and cost.