City to sign Shuff Mountain documents

City of Oneonta

The Oneonta City Council authorized city manager/ economic developer Ed Lowe to sign three FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) documents related to anticipated repairs on Dogwood Drive. That street traverses portions of Shuff Mountain and has suffered roadbed instability.

As outlined by Lowe, the three documents entail a $9,480 geotechnical exploration, a $2,500 topographic mapping, and a general engineering services agreement on an hourly charge for work through the city’s engineering firm, Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood. Streets on the mountain have suffered a series of problems over the past several decades.

In that same meeting, councilors approved the liquor license request of Hanvey Golf Management, LLC, for onsite sale of beer, table wines, and liquor at the former Twin Oaks Clubhouse in the Heritage golf course and subdivision. Members also approved a June 29 auction of police department items previously declared surplus. The items are to be listed on the city website and sold at the Agri-Business Center.

The council reappointed Rachel Gargus as a city representative to the local chamber of commerce and set a public hearing for 5:20 p.m. on June 25 to discuss proposed amendments to the city sign ordinance. Mayor Ross Norris asked public safety director Brandon Horton to explain the proposed amendments.

Horton noted businesses have sought exemptions to the city’s sign ordinance to erect message boards. The ordinance presently limits business signs to 150 square feet, only 30 percent of which (45 square feet) may be used for electronic messaging.

Horton explained that businesses want the message option and apply for the maximum sign size, even though neither they nor the city desire numerous signs of 150 square feet. One possible amendment would allow the 45 square feet on smaller signs.

Signs would still have to have dimmers for night operation and would be limited to one per single development (such as a “strip mall”). Strengthened dimmer requirements would hold the owner, builder, and operator all responsible for that stipulation.

Councilor Tonya Rogers missed the June 11 meeting. All others (Norris and councilors Hal Blackwood, Nathaniel Butler, Richard Phillips, and Danny Robinson) attended. The council holds its normal meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:20 p.m. in city hall.