City complimented

My compliments to the City of Oneonta for improvements to the infrastructure of the downtown area. Replacing traffic lights with 4- way stop signs has made intersections much more navigable, with the signs also being an elegant visual enhancement. Replacement of grass strips with brick pavers in the downtown shopping district was both a practical and visually pleasing improvement.

I am particularly impressed with the sidewalk replacement and additions which will connect the downtown area to the Recreation Park and City School complex. The uneven and broken sidewalks, particularly those in front of Oneonta Bible Church, were both an eyesore and a safety hazard, and most certainly discouraged persons from walking.

The trees whose roots caused the sidewalk damage and shed limbs for pedestrians to stumble over have been removed. I am truly thankful to those persons having the courage and willingness to make difficult decisions for having removed such unsightly and dangerous objects from our city’s landscape.
William Wallace King