Citizen urges caution on wording of amendment 4

(Before you go to vote on Nov. 4) please take time to read Statewide Amendment 4 and make yourself aware how this will affect Blount County. If you read the sample ballot, proposed Statewide Amendment 4 reads as follows: “Relating to Blount County, proposing an amendment to the constitution of 1901, to prohibit any municipality that is not wholly or in part within the boundaries of Blount County on the effective date of this amendment from annexing any territory within Blount County without the approval of the electorate of Blount County expressed in a vote on the issue of the annexation.”

Everyone in Blount County needs to vote YES on this property issue to protect our county for generations to come. The only reason another town/city would do this is to rape our natural resources. Whether you are a conservative Republican, liberal Democrat, or Independent…we all should be able to hold hands on this issue for the good of Blount County. By voting YES, this will tell other towns to stop wanting to take more of our part of the world.
Dennis Beavers