Church shares with community



Blount County Children’s Center and Oneonta Senior Center have received boosts in the form of checks, one for $725 and one for $750. Because the public has supported Calvary Episcopal Church’s annual fundraising Boston butt sales, members have chosen to pass proceeds on to the community. Heretofore those proceeds have gone toward retiring the church’s debt for its building.

In the photo above, church senior warden Joseph Hughes presents a facsimile check to senior center director Robbie Hulgan. The picture was made at the present senior center on Jack Fendley Drive, which will soon be replaced as the meeting place with a new building the city is constructing downtown.

Others in the photograph are Frances Ciovacco, Myrna Crow, Annie Lou Reeves, Jeani Munson, Imogene Pritchett, Roger Clark, Louise Weston, Ruby England, Paul England;



Harlis Pritchett, Wonnell Clowdus, Ruth King, Louise Brown, Janie Bushong, Betty Burtram, Pinina Kane, Armitty Harris, Frank Robinson, Onette Phillips;

Bonnie Rutherford, Reba Stephens, Jim Benson, Claude Woodward, Virginia Parker, Rayburn Elrod, and Jenny Reeves.

The center serves lunch for seniors five days each week except on holidays and provides recreation, entertainment, and opportunities for fellowship, all welcome activities, especially for those who are infirm and/or who live alone.

In the photo below, Hughes presents a similar facsimile check to members of the children’s center staff: (from left) Ellen Shelnutt, Michelle Sargent, Jill Stansell, Linda Godwin, Hughes, executive director Jerry Renno, Carole Wasser, and Sue Ashworth.

The center is a many-faceted agency whose mission is preventing child abuse, helping victims, and strengthening families.